Monday, February 14, 2011

A Whirlwind Week

The last two weeks have been like a whirlwind and I hardly can hardly even remember what I did or how I lived! Abdoulaye and I did not even see each other for a stretch  of about five days. He was up and gone to work hours before I woke and then asleep when I got home. The good part of that is that I had given up hope of him ever putting the boys to bed at a normal time but for the last two weeks he has been doing it and going to bed at a decent hour himself, which is so encouraging! All of them are getting a healthy amount of sleep and building a routine, which I've always wanted them to have.

I worked an extra day last week and it did throw us quite off kilter. I didn't get to do fun things with the kids like I normally do on Sundays. This Sunday was much better, though. A easily went down for a nap and left E and I free to work on E's scissor skills, which require my full concentration and supervision at this point! Yesterday was a very warm day for this time of year, so as soon as A woke up we headed for the playground! It was a treat for all three of us to get out.

Home from the playground we ate leftovers, then mixed up some cookies together. E and A love to help pouring and stirring ingredients. Toward the end E lost interest in the actual cooking and started a duel between measuring spoons! Actually there were three spoons so it wasn't technically a duel. What would you call that?

After a bath we settled down on the couch to eat cookies, cuddle and watch a movie. E stuck a video in the player and then asked me "What movie is this?" I said, "You chose it, you should know." It was Cinderella and he giggled a little at the animals' antics and giggled a lot at the scene where the king is chasing the grand duke around the chamber with his sword! I enjoyed hearing his laughter.

Today I'm off and we have lots to do again. Lord willing, we'll be doing some grocery shopping and some school activities. If it's warm we'll start preparing our garden and hopefully walk to the playground again.

I hope you all have started the week as well as I have and have time to enjoy your children as much as I am!