Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kidorable giveaway at Go Graham Go

Felicia at Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway of a Kidorable umbrella!

I purchased Kidorable's frog scarf and mittens for E for Christmas and he loves them! In fact, although I bought them with E in mind, I didn't realize that A would be fascinated with them as well, so they have to take turns wearing the scarf now (the mittens are way too big for A)!

I love the fact that this company provides a creative alternative to clothing and accessories based on TV show characters. Now they need to add bedding and suitcases to their product line! I wanted to buy a fun sheet set for the boys' room for Christmas last year and there were no non-character choices! My youngest brother who's turning 12 next week and too old for this sort of thing passed on his old carry-on and matching backpack (in great condition) for E. They are in bold, fun boy colors with no character themes. They just don't make things like they used to! Kidorable is a refreshing option.

Check out Felicia's giveaway and see if you win a fun umbrella of your choice from Kidorable!

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