Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visit to the Doctor and Harris Teeter

Last Friday morning we made a trip to the doctor to get E's three year check up and A's 18 month check up. Praise God I have such healthy boys. They love to go to the doctor, mostly because they like playing with the toys while they wait. I know, I know, I shouldn't let them, but what am I supposed to do when fun and 'new' toys are beckoning them and we're waiting for half an hour for the doctor to come in after the nurse has done the preliminary work?

That evening at bedtime E declared, "Wehw (well), I will just drink some water and then go to bed and then go to the doctor." I explained that he wouldn't need to go to the doctor again for another year, Lord willing, unless he got sick. To which he replied, "Wehw, I will just have to get sick." A liked the circus bandaid covering his shot so much that he protested "No!no!no!no!" when it was thrown in the trash.When I explained that it was not a toy and needed to go in the trash he repeated with a pouting lip, "twash".

On the way back from the doctor's office we stopped at Harris Teeter and the shopping was a breeze. I'm so glad I limited myself  to the free and/or essential items because it made the trip go so much more smoothly and quickly. And I was really happy with what I bought.

 I was so pleased that I got all of this for $1.79 (plus tax) thanks to Deal Scoop and thanks to a $3/1 Kashi Go Lean coupon that I received from Vocalpoint. I never buy non-dairy coffee creamers (I'm a dairy fanatic) but my sister, who lives with us, loves the flavor and since this one was free I picked it up for her. My best buy was the Seventh Generation dishsoap for free and disinfecting sprays for 50 cents each! I love their products, although these two are the only ones I buy since I use baking soda and vinegar or ammonia for most of my other cleaning and can't afford their laundry detergent even with coupons.

Did anybody else get great deals at Harris Teeter this week? I'd love to hear about about your success!

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